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Patrick’s passions include hiking the outdoors, reading, and most importantly, being with his family. He is looking forward the Fourth of July and having his family gather at he and Yunyong's home in Cedar Hill, Texas. His sisters, nephews, kids, and grandchildren will be coming from Tokyo and Tucson, Seattle and Denver, Chicago and all points in between!


Patrick married Yunyong Kim in 1980, the month after he graduated with a degree in Medieval History from the University of Dallas. Yunyong finished her degree in Political Philosophy the following year, and gave birth to the first of their ten children that same year.  Patrick was commissioned a second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps the following year, leaving graduate school to serve as a communication-electronics officer. 


From 1982 to 2002, Patrick, Yunyong, and their children lived in nineteen different homes from California to North Carolina, Rhode Island to Japan. 

Patrick McLain - Region 4

Patrick McLain is serving at president of the F Warrior Board, the alumni organization of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College until November 2019. Patrick is a member of the TLC September 2012 class. Patrick goes back to the Ranch two to four times a year and also attends regional seminars. Patrick also utilizes psychodramatists in his practice and averages twelve sessions per year.


His practice started working with US military personnel in courts-martial, administrative boards, and disability proceedings. After a stint as an assistant US attorney in Dallas, Patrick has practiced criminal defense all over the US in federal courts and in state courts in Texas. His practice is also focused on civil rights law, fighting for citizens injured by agents of their government. Feel free to reach out to Patrick: 


Patrick earned his law degree from the University of Texas in Austin during this time, and he served as a trial counsel (prosecutor), defense counsel, and judge in courts-martial and other military justice proceedings.  Upon retirement from the Marines, Patrick spent just over a year working for the US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, prosecuting cases of crimes against children, before going into the private practice of law. 


Patrick has been an advocate or a judge in hundreds of trials over the past thirty years, and he now tries to keep it down to about one trial per month.  In May 2018, he was honored to lead a team to another victory, this time at the US Air Force Academy.  You can read about the case here:

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