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Each month, The F-Warrior website will feature a fellow Trial Lawyer's College alum. It is our hope that when you are at the Retreat, a Regional, or any of the other TLC events, this page will represent an ice breaker of a sort.  So feel free to walk up to them and let them know that you saw your fellow F-Warrior on the website and let the conversation flow!

Emily Graduation.jpg

Emily attended law school at the University of Wyoming. At the same time, Emily went to graduate school as well, earning both her JD and her masters of public administration degree at the same time. 


Emily currently practices personal injury law at Metier Law Firm in Fort Collins. She specializes in motorcycle, auto, trucking crashes, and significant injuries, including brain injuries. Previously, Emily worked as an attorney for a large PI firm in Denver before joining Metier in 2016. The firm has a long history with TLC, which was a nice surprise. 


“Again, serendipity came in,” she says. “I had no idea they were so involved with the Trial Lawyers College. I got my dream job which lead to going to TLC. Both dreams came true.”

Emily Family.jpg

Emily and her husband have two boys: 2-year old Riley and 7-month-old Hunter, along with a 200 lb. Newfoundland named Ullr, who is Riley’s best friend.

TLC is more than a method, “TLC provides such a great service to attorneys in ways that are even outside the law,” she says. “It gives you a whole new perspective on work-life balance. My experiences at TLC and my current firm gave me the opportunity to to say, ‘OK, I can have both a successful career and kids.’ I am at a great firm that allows me to have both a family and a fulfilling job.” 

Emily Dog.jpg
Emily N. Benight - Region 3

One might assume that when Emily Benight looks back at her high school basketball career, she’d recall the swoosh of the ball through the net, or the sound of sneakers squeaking along the gymnasium floor. 


Instead, Emily, a Wyoming native, remembers passing the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois on her way to and from basketball tournaments. The then 14-year-old felt a calling that stayed with her for years, until she had enrolled at the ranch herself. 


“My mom and I would drive by, and I’d see the sign and say, ‘I will to go to TLC someday,’” Emily says. “It was serendipitous once it happened.” 


Emily, who now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the president-elect of the F-Warriors Alumni Board. She takes office next year. Since graduating from TLC in July 2017, Emily has represented her class as a F-Warrior board member.


“It was a dream come true to experience TLC; this thing that I had been putting on a pedestal for 15 years at that point,” Emily says. “It is an incredible place, because you meet incredible people, and you make lifelong friends and connections. It really becomes your second family.” 

Emily TLC_2.jpg

Attending TLC “reminds you that attorneys, clients, and everyone else are all just people at the core. It reminds you to put yourself into other people’s shoes, and to have empathy if someone is upset. It teaches you how to really be there, and to listen to your clients. Those things help with everyday life as well.”

Emily is licensed in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Washington, and Oregon. 

To learn more about Emily's practice, please visit: 

Did you know?

Emily wanted to be a dolphin trainer, or at least until second grade. In undergrad, Emily was a fencer. No she did not sell stolen merchandise or work with barbwire, she was a SWORD FIGHTER!

I am sure her we would love to see her thrust and parry in the courtroom!


When not fighting off the other side with words and not sharp weapons, she plays (in her limited spare time) the flute and saxophone. 


Quite the renaissance woman and incredible F-Warrior and soon to be the next F-Warrior President!


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